Alltock Monogram:

Personalized Elegance


Alltock Monogram started as a mishmash of goals. We wanted elegant color schemes, personalization, and smooth animated transitions. We wanted a watchface that felt mechanical, yet could use the WIMM’s 16-bit display to defy physics. Play the video at right for a quick demonstration.

As you start the watchface, it animates the time from 12:00 to the current time, with hours displayed on the left and minutes displayed on the right. The progress of the current hour is indicated by its offset from the horizontal center line.

If you’ve chosen a different color scheme, the colors animate with the hours and minutes. Shortly after those animations complete, the monogram animates from “AM” (for “Alltock Monogram”) to your personal monogram in your chosen typeface.

Procrastinator Time is indicated by a right-pointing double triangle at the top left of the screen.

Procrastinator Time is synchronized among Alltock watchfaces, WIMM devices, and even timezones! If it’s 9:15 am Procrastinator Time on your watch in Los Angeles, it’s 12:15 pm Procrastinator Time on your friend’s watch in New York.

Passive mode shows your monogram, the current time, and a Procrastinator Time indicator if appropriate.

When your WIMM One is on its charging paddle, a graphic battery indicator is displayed at the bottom left, with battery percentage text when greater than 90%.